Dyson fury strikes gold

Dyson fury strikes gold

Last Saturday saw two of Ippon’s fighters competing on Shock N Awe 21 at The Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth.

mason hobbs shock n awe 21

Photo (c) Graham Finney Photography | http://www.grahamfinneyphotography.co.uk/

First to compete was our young Muay Thai fighter Mason Hobbs who stepped in to replace Chris Wrighton against Aaron Dean in Semi Pro K1 bout. Mason who is only 16 and had one fight into his record made a great match up with the GYM 01 debut fighter Aaron Dean. As expected it was a technical war between GYM 01 and Ippon .Mason fought hard in a tough bought but unfortunately lost in a split decision .Mason hasn’t been discouraged and because there wasn’t a mark on him, he has already signed up to another fight competing again this Saturday on the Fast & Furious show in Southampton.

As many of you will know our Jiu Jitsu coach Ben Dyson crossed over to the dark side to challenge for the AMMA Shock n’ Awe welterweight title in his debut fight.

Ben faced off against the tough Thomas Mathias fighting out Jack MaGee’s Mad Hatter’s MMA.

From the beginning the size difference was obvious. Ben had clearly got the cut perfectly measured giving him a clear advantage in the power department. The fight started with Ben controlling the striking phrase much to the surprise of his opponent Thomas who has a solid K1 background yet he struggled with the range and movement.

The moment the fight hit the floor Ben secured a solid mount while firing shots off all the time. Thomas was then forced to give his back. Things got worse as Thomas was duly then flattened and ground n’ pounded out.  Well done champ!

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Hants & Dorset BJJ Open 2015

hants and dorset bjj open kids 2015

Hants & Dorset BJJ Open 2015

We had another fantastic day at the Dorset and Hants BJJ Open this year at Littledown Leisure Centre with both our adult and children teams competing. Everybody showed improved skills and the results spoke for themselves. We took home more gold medals than any other team competing on the day. Unfortunately, we were pipped to the post for top spot by just one point again.

Our children’s team grows from strength to strength each time they compete. They came home with a clean clear top place by a huge 16 points. The future of our BJJ team looks very bright.

Adults Teams Winners:

1st: Ivam Maciel BJJ

2nd: Ippon

3rd: De Souza Dojo

Children Teams Winners:

1st: Ippon

2nd: De Souza Dojo

3rd: CFS BJJ

Full results can be found here: http://www.dsdevents.tv/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/results_DH_2015.pdf

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Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday

Our BJJ warriors competed at Surrey Open BJJ Tournament 2015 in Guilford, in various weights categories and came home with three Gold medals won by Tom Baker, Kevin Hall and Kamilla Armasova; four Silver medals for Angela Coole, Vasco Britto, Sean Limebear, Jamie Garside and four Bronze medals for Hooman Vahdati, Jack Brickley, Adam Wiles and Thaice Pereira.

Division’s included:

surrey bjj open divisions 2015

The results can be found here.

In the evening our stand up fighters competed at the Warrior Fight Nights 7 at Littledown Centre in Bournemouth.

Warrior Fight Nights is an action packed night of Muaythai, Boxing and Pro K1 matches including fighters from Bournemouth, Falmouth, Bristol, Manchester, London, Gurnsey and Portsmouth.

Molly McCann

Photo taken by Digital Sports Photo.

We came home with four wins out of 4.

Molly McCann defended her IAB British Boxing Title against Michelle McKenzie. Andy Kerr stopped his opponent Makas Gonzo in the 2nd round of pro K1 bout. Gordon Linton and Monika Grzankowska both won their Thai boxing bouts by unanimous decision.

Photos from this event can be found here: http://www.digitalsportsphoto.com/Warrior-Fight-Nights/Warrior-Fight-Nights-7

Unfortunately two of our fighters: Mason Hobbs and Joe Laurence didn’t get to compete on this show in the end, but there is no doubt we will see them in action very soon.

Jeff Lawson said:

“What a busy weekend! Success all round though so well done everyone that fought and got ready to fight and coached and supported! PROUD”

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Gold medal for Kane

Gold medal for Kane

Sunday, 19th of July saw our freestyle wrestling and strength and conditioning coach, Kane Charig winning Gold medal at Welsh Open Freestyle Wrestling in 70 kg category against Viorel Mihai.

kane wrestling

Image: Luke Jarvis Photography

The competition took place at the Flash Leisure Centre in Powys.

The competition happened shortly after the United World Wrestling has circulated ‘Freestyle Adjustments’ which came into effect immediately. The reforms followed the recent success of similar changes in Greco-Roman wrestling. The revisions stated that all turns are now two points regardless of where they occur, on the mat or how far an opponent is from danger. Previously hand-to-hand exposures were counted as one point each.

The auto touche rule that had previously sought to encourage technical proficiency from the top position, has also been removed due to causing some scoring confusion among wrestlers and fans.

Other improvements were made to step-out rules. Wrestlers who have lifted an opponent but who step in the protection area during such an action will no longer be penalized for the infraction. Although this situation rarely occurs in freestyle wrestling, the United World Wrestling clarified the ruling while also encouraging attacking wrestlers.

Kane is competing again on the 28th of August at the Wigan & Leigh Open tournament at 65kg. These types of tournaments are great experience for Kane, leading up to the British Championships this October.

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Bournemouth BJJ Open 2015

Bournemouth BJJ Open 2015

Another year, another Bournemouth BJJ Open. One of our favourite and local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions that took place on Saturday 13th of June. We entered in big numbers and came home with many medals but having our children winning and taking the 1st place in the competition was absolutely incredible. For full results click here.

Junior Gold Medallists:ippon bjj kids winners

  • Rosie Clarke – Female,White, Infant-Juvenile 14/15yrs, Middle
  • Vitor Griffioen – Male/Female, White/Grey, Pee-wee 6yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Roxy Carr – Male/Female, White, Pre-Infant 7/8yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Eben Houston – Male, White, Pre-Infant 9yrs, Feather
  • Max French – Male/Female, White, Pre-Infant 9/11yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Holly Collins – Male/Female, White, Infant 12yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Charlie Baker – Male, Grey, Pre-Infant 9yrs, Light Feather

Junior Silver Medallists:

  • Isabella v Griffioen – Male/Female, White/Grey, Pee-wee 6yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Luke Etheridge – Male/Female, White, Pre-Infant 7/8yrs, Feather
  • Archie Collett-Carr – Male/Female, White/Grey, Pre-Infant 7/8yrs Mixed Weight
  • Jacon Green – Male/Female, White, Pre-Infant 9/11yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Lucas Difrancescantonio – Male/Female, White, Infant 12yrs, Mixed Weight

Bournemouth open kids

Junior Bronze Medallists:

  • Mia French – Male/Female, White, Pre-Infant 9/11yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Tymoteusz Famurat – Male/Female, White, Infant 12yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Harry Baker – Male, Grey, Pre-Infant 9yrs, Light Feather
  • Luna Vitolo – Male/Female, White, Pre-Infant 9/11yrs, Mixed Weight
  • Kye Macauley – Male, White/Yellow, Infant 12/13, Light

bournemouth open 2

Adult Gold Medallists:

  • Andy Heap – Male, White, Master 1, Light
  • Max Antonowicz – Male, White, Master 1, Medium Heavy
  • Mike Jevons – Male, White, Master 2, Middle
  • Jon Collins – Male, White, Master 2, Heavy
  • Ashley Bodman – Male, Blue, Adult, Medium Heavy
  • Lisa Major – Female, White, Adult, Light Feather/Feather

Adult Silver Medallists:

  • Glyn Howells – Male, White, Adult, Rooster
  • Mariusz Bartocha – Male, White, Adult, Heavy
  • Kyle Saber – Male, White, Adult, Ultra Heavy
  • Al Gavan – Male, White, Master 1, Medium Heavy
  • Thomas Lambert – Male, White, Master 2, Super Heavy
  • Harlem Dillon – Male, Blue, Adult, Heavy

Bronze Silvers Medallists:

  • Harvey Almack – Male, White, Adult, Middle
  • Luke Jarvis – Male, White, Adult, Ultra Heavy
  • Roy Lee – Male, White, Master 3, Light
  • Thaice Pereira – Female, White, Master, Heavy/Ultra Heavy
  • Pawel Famurat – Male, Blue, Master 1, Middle
  • Piotr Gruzlewski – Male, Blue, Master 2, Heavy
  • Gary Green – Male, White, Master 2, Medium Heavy
  • Adam Wiles – Male, Blue, Master 2, Middle
  • James Clutton – Male, Blue, Master 2, Medium Heavy

Photos: Luke Jarvis Photography

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Super Dyson

Super Dyson

If you want to see some top level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you should be rushing to buy tickets to watch ‘The Super 15’ at the 02 Academy in Bournemouth (Saturday May the 2nd). Our team is going to support one of our best Jiu Jitsu fighters, Ben Dyson.

Ben is fighting Mike Hawkins in Brown Belt division at 86kg.

Ben started training BJJ 5 years ago under Steve Greenway and progressed very quickly.

Although he’s brown belt under Roy Dean, Ben considers both Roy and Jeff to be his coaches. To date he has won a fair few regional competitions and medalled on an international level. His biggest achievement thus far being a silver medal at the 2014 IBJJF European NOGI in Rome.

He is looking forward to this match as submission only NOGI rules suits him perfectly. Mike has beaten Ben in a Gi before and this is Bens opportunity to level the score.

To find out more about the Super15 visit http://super15.co.uk/

Hope to see you there !

Photo: Luke Jarvis Photography

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