Wrestling Classes at Ippon Gym 10/05/2015!

This class is no longer available. Unfortunately Kane left us to pursue his professional career in wrestling. 

We have recently had an exciting addition to our timetable - a new wrestling class.

Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The main point of a wrestling bout is to attempt to gain and maintain a superior position. Wrestling is brilliant as a sport on its own, and if you have an interest in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

The wrestling class takes place on Mondays 6.30-7.30. You check our timetable here.

Our Wrestling Coach

Our wrestling class is taken by Kane Charig. Kane is a British freestyle champion who has recently won a silver medal at the English Open, Maltese Open and is preparing for the Olympia tournament in Greece and Commonwealth Championships in Canada in late June 2015.

This year Kane is hoping to achieve full team GB status and begin an Olympic qualification process with his end goal to compete in a World and European Championships. He also wants to compete in Grand Prix's.

In a coach I look for someone with experience, and an understanding of athletes.  I have competed in many different sports so I have experience which I believe a lot of other coaches do not.


You will need shorts and a t-shirt with no zips, buttons or pockets on either item or wrestling boots.

Trial Lesson

If you have never done wrestling before and want to test it out, we offer a FREE trial lesson. Come along and give it a try! You can book your free session online or just pop in on Monday.


Your first class is free, but after that we charge £10 for individual lessons.

To save yourself some money you could opt out for our wrestling membership at £35 per month or if you’re doing wrestling to better your technique for MMA fights, we offer full MMA membership at £65 per month. This included BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling and MMA classes.