Sunday Funday at Gym 01 22/12/2014!

On Sunday the 7th of December Ippon Thai and MMA Team went to Submission Grappling, MMA, K1 & Thai Boxing Interclub at Gym 01 in Portsmouth.

What is an Interclub?

An interclub enables students to improve their fighting skills and should be taken part in alongside sparring sessions that are regularly held within classes at individual gyms. It aims at helping improve a participant's techniques focusing on fighting strategies that are taught to aid the fighter when competing.

All interclub events should have fight officials referee and time keeper where students are encouraged to spar in controlled safe environment learning from each other's techniques and strategies. Interclubs are ideal for beginners and first timers who can be matched at a level they are comfortable with.

Gym 01 Interclub Rules

Gym 01 was the first to do the 1 to 5 rating system which seems to be the norm across any well organised interclub now. They expect the fighter to be honest with their level so they can match people fairly at similar level of experience and similar weight. Their interclubs are designed to give people a taste of competition, in a friendly, well organised environment.

Rating 1 to 5:

Level 1 - Under 6 months training.

Level 2 - Under 12 months training.

Level 3 - Over a year/has done previous interclubs.

Level 4 - Experience at interclubs, no show fights.

Level 5 - Has fought on shows.

9 fighters from Ippon Gym took part in the event, with most of them having two bouts. They have all done exceptionally well and it was great to see our growing and rapidly progressing Muay Thai team. Well done Ippon Thai Fighters!