We are proud to announce that our BJJ coaches Jeff Lawson and Ben Dyson have been chosen to complete in the next Polaris 3 on April 2nd, the world’s most exciting live Jiu Jitsu event!

Jeff Lawson, our Head coach holds blacks belt in both judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  After finishing his professional MMA carrier with 10 wins and 5 losses, Jeff started competing in BJJ and recently came back with a Bronze medal from The Europeans having won a couple of tough bouts.

Ben Dyson, brown belt holder, has been practising and competing in BJJ since he was a teenager. With many BJJ and MMA wins under to his name, Ben is ready to showcase his experience and technique in couple of weeks’ time.

Polaris started in 2015 by bringing a variety of well-established athletes from different styles and generations. Multiculturalism was the key to Polaris’ success last year, and they have not rested on their laurels. The Polaris 3 card is better than ever before.

The event is full of high standard matches and BJJ Heroes including NO GI World champion Garry Tonon, Brazilian grappler and MMA fighter Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares  and UFC fighter Jake Shields to list a few.

Is the BJJ world champion Gezary Matuda going to try to arm bar her French opponent Laurence Fouillat? Ge is known for having one of the most exciting styles of fighting in the women’s divisions with arm bar being her favourite technique. Her style earned her numerous titles, such as the Pan American and world championships in the black belt category. Laurence is a strong opponent and incredibly accomplished grappler with wins at the FILA World Championships and the World Cup.

There are some exiting matches to be seen and only one winner! If you a BJJ practitioner or supporter this event should be at the top of your priorities.

Polaris 3 Line up

The full line up has been confirmed and includes:

10 Minutes Matches

Submission Only

Alain Pozo x Micah Atkinson (NO GI)

Vinicius de Castro x Greg Creel (GI)

Keith McKenzie x Jeff Lawson (GI)

Adam Adshead x Phil Harris (NO GI)

Travis Newaza x Ben Dyson (NO GI)


15 Minutes Submission Only

Joao Miyao x Yukinori Sasa (GI)

Geo Martinez x Dan Covel (NO GI)

Darragh O Conaill x Jon Satava (GI)

Gezary Matuda x Laurence Fouillat (GI)

Bruno Frazatto x Gianni Grippo (GI)

Augusto Tanquinho x Eddie Cummings (NO GI)

AJ Agazarm x Jake Shields (NO GI)

Rousimar Palhares x Garry Tonon (NO GI)

Polaris 3 Tickets

The event is taking place at Poole Lighthouse.  Tickets can be purchased directly from the Lighthouse: https://lighthousepoole.co.uk/3166/Book-online/3543

More info can be found on Polaris website: http://www.polaris-pro.org/

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