Molly in The Game Magazine 19/11/2014!

Molly in the game magazine

November issue of The Game Magazine features our boxing coach Molly McCann. Molly talks about her fighting career, training and coaching. She admins that boxing is her favourite style of fighting as it’s her bread and butter, which is not a surprise to those who know and train with Molly, but equally she’s really started getting into wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

In her fighting career to date Molly has won many fights, couple of British Titles and is hungry for more.

In her interview with The Game Molly said:

“I’m very goal orientated and I believe I’ve achieved stuff in my life because I’ve set myself goals. I said to Jeff when I came here, two or three fights in and I’m going to be a pro. Two fights in I would have turned pro but was asked to do an amateur fight by Cage Warriors so I went pro following that third fight. I honestly believe that in the next two years, I’m going to be a World Champion. I want two World Champions from Cage Warriors before I go to the UFC and that’s not out of grasp.”
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