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Rising jiu-jitsu promotion Polaris returned on Saturday, the 29th of October with another event at Poole Lighthouse and according to Sherdog Polaris 4 might have been the best one yet for the U.K. based show.

Two of our coaches, Jeff Lawson and Ben Dyson competed at this event with Jeff gaining a very quick victory over Paul Bridges with a spinning arm bar and Ben loosing to Tom Breese by unanimous decision.

Jeff Judo Lawson

Jeff Lawson on Polaris 4

Jeff has made a name for himself on the UK scene for throws straight into an arm bar and this is exactly how he stole the show on Polaris 4. In his interview, Paul Bridges said he had never been submitted this fast, ever. You catch watch Jeff’s fight below.

Jeff was a part of preliminary card with bouts being 10 mins in duration. You could win by either submitting your opponent or by judges decision. Judges were scoring for effective attacks and aggression, escalating positional control and effective counter attacks and dynamic escapes with any stalling passivity and poor sportsmanship counting against the fighters.

Matches included:

Reyce Asesimba vs Dylan O’Brien
Janis Riekstins vs Miha Perhavec
Phil Harris vs Spencer Hewitt
Paul Bridges vs Jeff Lawson (54 mins 40 seconds in)
Marco Canha vs Ross Nicholls

The replay of Polaris 4 will be available on the Polaris Pro Invitational website.

Complete Results of the Main event are:

Tom Breese defeated Ben Dyson via decision

Dominyka Obelenyte defeated Yas Wilson via decision

Charles Negromonte defeated Eduardo ‘Teta’ Rios via decision

Nathan Orchard defeated Masakuazi Imanari vs rear naked choke

Dillon Danis defeated Jackson Sousa via inside heel hook

AJ Agazarm defeated Minowaman via triangle choke

Garry Tonon defeated Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns via inside heel hook

Fernando ‘Terere’ defeated Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro via decision

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