Everything you need to know about G I-Joe Laurence 06/11/2013!

Joe, what's your background?

I started off as a boxer from a young age because of travelling heritage and competed in amateur boxing until my early twenties.

How and why did start training MMA?

I got into MMA about 5 years ago. Back then MMA wasn't as popular as it is now but I fancied a change. I met Jeff Lawson and started training with him.

Long term, where do you see yourself going?

I want to make a career of this sport. I would hope to follow Jeff's achievements and make it on the ultimate fighter and fight internationally.


Who are your sponsors?

My sponsors include Scramble, Funky Gums, Kane Evans Fitness, JY Nutrition, Mystic Circus and Blueberry Nutrition.

Who has been your toughest opponent and why?

Karl Harrison. I was on four fight winning streak, so I decided to step up and fight a European ranked fighter but at that point I wasn't at that level.

Is there anyone you want to fight and who would you think twice about fighting?

I'd like a rematch with Mark Handley at some point. I would never think twice about fighting anyone.

Are there any rules you would change in MMA?

Maybe no kicks! I like to box and fight on the floor.

What’s your favourite combination?

Elbows on the floor (ground and pound).

What does your training consist of?

I train boxing, Thai boxing, MMA, wrestling, BJJ. Conditioning, weight training and running are all part of a fight camp!

What's your training schedule like?

I train two or three times a day, 6 days a week with one rest day.

What's your way of motivating yourself?

I train hard because I want to achieve my dreams and I love the sport.

Do you follow any special diet?

Yes, my sponsor Blueberry Nutrition does a diet plan for me.

Do you use dietary supplements?

I use BCAA's and whey protein for recovery. JY Nutrition supply that for me.

What's your methods of water loading?

I do cut a lot of weight when I fight but Blueberry Nutrition help me to recover so I'm strong on fight night!

Do you feel MMA has become over popularized?

I think it's good MMA is getting popular as it's seen as a good sport and doesn't carry a bad name like it did a few years ago.

Do you plan on learning any other martial arts?

I don't think I'd have time to fit anymore in, haha!

Why do you use Ippon Gym?

I use Ippon because it's the best gym in Dorset by far. It has a team of great fighters and has a very friendly atmosphere.

Who is your idol?

My dad And mike Tyson.

Finally, if you could give advice to people who have just started MMA what would it be?

To stick it at, it takes a lot of dedication but I have worked hard for years and reaping rewards for it now!

Joe is fighting on TMT (Too Much Talent) on the 16th of November against Andy Young "Taz". For more details on the event click here.