Hants & Dorset BJJ Open 2014 07/10/2014!

Dorset & Hants BJJ 2014

Littledown Leisure Centre in Bournemouth was a very busy place last Saturday the 4th of October as it held the Dorset & Hants BJJ Open tournament. Fights were taking place all day with medals being won by entrants from all ages and levels. Those competing know that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments are physically and mentally demanding. Competitors can spend all day sitting around waiting for their division to be up which can be a very nerve-racking experience.

We attended with a strong team of 27 jiu jitsu fighters and are very proud to say that we came second in the medal table. We took 8 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 7 bronze beating all the local clubs.

The head coach, Jeff Lawson said:

“The experience of competition can be amazing and it can also be overwhelming. To say I'm proud is an understatement. The way we pull together as a unit is brilliant I cannot ask for more. We have really nice jiujitsu and you should all be proud of that. The old sayings "win some lose some" and "it's the taking part that counts" really don't mean too much. What does mean a lot is that you learn from your individual experience and you use that to aid your progression in BJJ”

Our results:

Male, Adult, White, Middle Harvey Almack
Male, White, 8yrs Pre-Infant, Feather Eben Houston, Ippon
Female, White, 9 yrs Pre-Infant, Feather Alma Vitolo, Ippon
Female, White, 10/11 yrs Infant, Medium Heavy Macy Houston, Ippon Luna Vitolo, Ippon
Female, White, Adult, Light Feather Lisa Major, Ippon
Female, White, Adult, Middle Nige Setihesh, Ippon
Female, White, Master, Middle Angela Coole, Ippon
Female, Blue, Master, Middle Annika Phillips, Ippon
Male, White, Senior II, Middle Roy Lee, Ippon
Male, White, Senior II, Ultra Heavy Gavin Phillips, Ippon Carl Dowell, Ippon
Male, Brown, Adult, Super Heav Ben Dyson
Male, White, Adult, Heavy Stuart Dixon, Ippon
Male, White, Adult, Ultra Heavy Luke Jarvis, Ippon
Male, White, Master/Senior I, Feather Simon Cobb, Ippon
Male, White, Master, Ultra Heavy Toby Fryer, Ippon
Male, Blue, Master, Light Mike Campo, Ippon
Male, Blue, Adult, Heavy Jon Denton, Ippon
Male, White, Senior I/II, Medium Heavy Andy Rowe, Ippon
Male, White, Senior I/II, Heavy Piotr Gruzlewski, Ippon
Male, White, Master/Senior II, LightFeather Glynn Howells, Ippon
Absolutes Male Brown Ben Dyson