Bournemouth BJJ Open June 2014 01/07/2014!

Saturday the 14th of June was a big day for Ippon Gym BJJ members and they made us proud!
The competition had 400 competitors making it the biggest Bournemouth Open to date.
Organisers used a digital scoring system for the first time. This year also saw the introduction of Who's Afraid Of MAT5? Matt 5 was an extra matted area running alongside our main competition, free to nyone who signed up to Bournemouth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open. The rules were simple: the fights werent matched, competitors had to go in pairs and wait to be called in. All fights regardless of colour belt fought under IBJJF BLUE belt rules. The idea of introducing MAT5?! was to give competitors a better experience and opportunity to have extra fights and it turnout out to be great fun.



Here are the results from Ippon Team:

Male, White, Senior I & II, Medium Heavy   Adam Wiles Andy Rowe
Male, Blue, Adult, Feather   Tom Baker
Male, White, Master & Senior I, Heavy Piotr Gruzlewski
Male, Blue, Senior I, Light Peter Clarke
Male, White, Master & Senior, Feather Simon Cobb
Female, White, Adult, Light Feather Leanne Curtis
Male, White, 17yrs Juvenile, Rooster/Feather Harrison Brown
Male/Female, White, 8yrs Pre-Infant, Light Feather Charlie Baker George Baker

Harry Baker

Male, White/Yellow, 9yrs Pre-Infant, Feather Aaron Tibbs
Female, White, 10/11yrs Infant, Medium Heavy Macy Houston
Special Alfie Brown
Male, White, Adult, Super Heavy Luke Jarvis
Female, White, Adult, Light Niger Setihesh
Male, White, Master & Senior, Super Heavy Gavin Phillips
Male, Blue, Master, Medium Heavy Jon Denton